Together with Alberto Martinez, Siegfried Hogenmüller, Tobias Braun and Gerhard Oldiges, Karel Dedain has been working on a comprehensive book about Spanish guitarmaker Vicente Arias, contemporary of Torres.

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It is an honour to be featured with an article in the 2018 fall edition of the world class Orfeo magazine. Beautiful pictures, made by Alberto Martinez.




Over the years, video shoots have appeared of guitars made in the workshop, here are some fine examples:


Entire concert on a Manuel Ramirez 1915 copy, by Russian maestro Artyom Dervoed, Antwerpen Gitaarfestival 2022



concert classical model, lattice bracing


concert classical model, traditional bracing


replica of Enrique Garcia 1917


flamenco guitar, Santos model


Arias inspired model, Lebanon cedar back and sides


Standard classical concert model, 640mm scale