Karel Dedain was born in 1976 and has been making guitars since 1998. Being a professional guitar maker since 2006, he builds close to 9- 10 guitars per year, all pre-ordered. He lives and works in the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium. The construction techniques he uses are those of the old Spanish masters, combined with more modern methods. Every single guitar is the result of a combination of skill, understanding and passion, and is therefore a unique piece. Only the best woods -hand selected and dried in the workshop- are used.

Karel Dedain guitars are sold throughout the world, from Europe to the USA and Asia. Customers are both amateurs and professionals, searching for a professional, high quality instrument. His work is represented online by Siccas Guitars, Karlsruhe.

Since 2006 he is teaching classical guitar making at the Centre for Musical instrument Building CMB in Puurs, Belgium, where he himself was trained between 1998 and 2005, mostly under guidance of Walter Verreydt.

Since the beginning, karel Dedain is doing intensive research and building replicas of antique concert classical guitars by famous makers, such as Torres, Garcia, Arias, Santos Hernandez or Esteso. For him, researching the original instruments is the best way to learn more about the tradition and history of guitarmaking and the best way to develop his guitarmaking skills.

The end of november 2020 a new, private forest of about 1500 trees was planted by Karel and his family to compensate for the use of exotic woods and to create a small new piece of wild nature. Buying a Dedain guitar authomatically means you become a godfather or -mother of at least 10 trees.


If you want to keep informed about the latest projects or models, find Karel Dedain on Facebook or Instagram.

All guitars are made on order, the waiting time is variable, but mostly around one to one and a half years. As prices and waiting time are variable, when interested, feel free to contact the maker for further information.